The Mirror Photo Booth!

This Photo booth is not like your typical photo booth it is so much more! With its new sleek and modern design, you don't have to find a place for it to hide, you can now have it on display for your guest to enjoy! Not only just that but...

Touchscreen & Animations!

As you experience the mirror, Animations will guide you through the steps and give you complements on the way!

One of the main magical features of this mirror photo booth is the interactive touchscreen which lets you in control! 

Draw and Sign Your Photo!

After your photo you can choose different colors to draw on your photo or add emojis to make it your own! Then at the end you can sign your creation!

Unlimited Prints!

We offer unlimited 4 x 6" high quality prints during the event! Our Sub-Dye printer prints out one photo every 7 seconds! At the end of each work of art the guest can select how many photos they want to print out (recommend 5 photos max)!

Custom Photo Overlays

A custom photo overlay is included with each package! Choose a background or use our premade overlays and then we can add your logo, name, date, etc... to your overlay! You can choose 1 to 3 photos in your overlay and we recommenced picking two choices for your guest to choose! 

Additional Features

If you saw any additional features the Mirror Photo Booth offers somewhere else contact us and ask if we can do them for your special occasion!

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